Calasdo Master

Are you the master?

Do you master the art of breaking codes?

Then try this out - specialists as well as beginners will soon learn how to master this game of breaking color codes.

Calasdo Boxes

Looked forward to a new Android version of the popular Tetris, have you?

A version with buttons to click instead of boxes to slide? Well here it is, then. Easy to use (even on a touch screen) and lots of fun ;-)

The Calasdo List

The Calasdo List is an intuitive and easy to use shopping list that eliminates all the Post-its lying around on your counter and in your bag.

New shopping lists may easily be created directly from old ones - you just gotta tick'em off.

Calasdo List lets you create and manage shopping lists or alike, where it often is necessary to type the same item again.

In Calasdo List you will only need to create an item once, and you can then simply tick it on/off when needed. This is very helpful both when planning your trip to the supermarket and when picking up the items at the store.

When planning which items to purchase, you'll already have all previous purchased items in your list and you can just select it.

While the items are picked up at the store, you simply tick off the item in the Calasdo List, and that item is then removed from the list of active items.